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Building Career, Empowering Trainers: Our Corporate Readines Program

Introduction to the course

Our Corporate Readiness Program is designed to empower professionals with the essential skills and knowledge needed to thrive in today’s dynamic corporate environment. Through a comprehensive curriculum, we provide participants with a holistic understanding of corporate practices, effective communication, leadership development, problem-solving techniques, and strategic thinking. With interactive sessions, practical exercises, and real-world case studies, we prepare individuals to navigate challenges, adapt to changing business landscapes, and excel in their roles. Our program equips participants with the confidence and expertise to make informed decisions, collaborate effectively, and drive organizational success.

Benefits of Studying Corporate Readiness Program

Enhanced Skill Set: Our course equips you with a comprehensive set of skills necessary to excel in the corporate world. You’ll develop essential skills such as effective communication, leadership, problem-solving, critical thinking, and decision-making, giving you a competitive edge in the workplace.

Adaptability and Resilience: The course prepares you to navigate the ever-changing corporate landscape. You’ll learn how to embrace change, adapt to new technologies, and stay resilient in the face of challenges, ensuring you remain relevant and valuable in the workplace.

Why Techmindz?

Techmindz’s competitive edge includes hands-on training programs, an industry-tailored curriculum, qualified trainers, and internship and placement programs. With our complete corporate and student training platform services, Techmindz is pushing the boundaries of student training. As one of Kerala’s top corporate and student training platform services, we assist employees, and students in nurturing and upgrading their skill sets, as well as businesses in training their existing and new human resources in critical skills. Experts will train you in the art of career development here, preparing you to join the world of corporations.

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Corporate Readiness Program

Get Ready for Corporate Success: Our Program Equips You with the Skills and Confidence to Thrive. Unleash Your Potential!

This Course Includes


Skill Training :0.5 months


Effective Communication and its Barriers / Non-Verbal Communication /
Listening Skills / Email Writing Etiquette
weekly assignments
Industry relevant assessments
Experienced Trainers from MNCs
Mock interviews and Interview specific support
third party assessment : Pre -Mid -post


Duration: 3 months internship
Skill Training :0.5 months
2.5 months training



Emotional Intelligence / Self Awareness – Growth Vs Fixed Mindset / Self
Management – Change Management / Social Awareness / Empathy /
Interpersonal Skills / Teamwork
weekly assignments
Industry relevant assessments
Experienced Trainers from MNCs
Mock interviews and Interview specific support
third party assessment : Pre -Mid -post


Duration: 3 months internship with stipend job placement
Skill Training: 0.5 months training


Goal Setting / Time Management / Presentation Skills / Confidence Building
weekly assignments
Industry relevant assessments
Experienced Trainers from MNCs
Mock interviews and Interview specific support
third party assessment : Pre -Mid -post


1: Getting Started: Career Readiness Orientation – 4 hours

i. Introduction to Professionalism
ii. Know Yourself
iii. Exploring opportunities
iv. Goal Settng

2: Effective communication – 4 hours

i. Understanding communication
ii. Verbal and Non Verbal Communication
iii. Importance of different communication styles
iv. Technology etiquettes

3: Team and Leadership – 4 hours

i. Self and peer Motivation
ii. Initiation and spontaneity
iii. Positive working relationships
iv. Understanding leadership

4: Problem solving skills – 4 hours

i. Decision Making
ii. Workplace Aptitude
iii. Coping
iv. Work values and etiquettes

5: Time management & prioritization – 4 hours

i. Effective utilization of your time
ii. Goal Seting: Short term and long term
iii. Occupational Interests

6: Presentation skills – 4 hours

i. Positive Identity
ii. Individual and transferable skills
iii. Understanding your audience
iv. Interview skills

7: Emotional Intelligence & stress management – 4 hours

i. Workplace safety
ii. Emotional Quotient and empathy
iii. Support and criticism
iv. Technology etiquette

8: Career Resource preparation – 2 hours

i. Cover Letter and resume
ii. Email, Telephonic and chat etiquette



Q1: What is the Corporate Readiness Program?

The Corporate Readiness Program is a comprehensive training program designed to equip students and employees with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the corporate world. It covers various aspects such as communication skills, professional etiquette, problem-solving, teamwork, and more.

Q2: Are there any prerequisites for joining the program?

There are no strict prerequisites for joining the Corporate Readiness Program. However, certain programs may have recommended qualifications or prior knowledge in specific areas. Please review the program details and requirements for more information.

Q3: Can organizations or educational institutions partner with your program?

Absolutely! We welcome partnerships with organizations and educational institutions that align with our goals and values. If you’re interested in exploring partnership opportunities, please reach out to us through the contact information provided on our website.

Q4: Will the program cover resume writing and interview preparation?

Yes, the program may include modules or workshops on resume writing, interview preparation, and other job search strategies. These sessions will equip you with the necessary skills and techniques to present yourself effectively to potential employers.

Q5: Can I join multiple programs offered by your organization?

Yes, you can join multiple programs offered by our organization. Each program may have specific objectives and focus areas, allowing you to broaden your skillset and knowledge base. Feel free to explore and enroll in multiple programs that align with your goals and interests.

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